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A Wisconsin wholesale tree grower and midwest supplier of B&B Shade Trees

How Timberline Trees was started...

Our tree farm was started in 1985, near Oconto Falls, Wisconsin. Prior to establishing Timberline Trees, LLC, founder Al Tillmann spent over 30 years, and the majority of his life, landscaping, growing and selling trees. He recognized a need for higher quality trees. He began growing for those who knew there was a difference in quality.

Al passed this philosophy down to his children Dave Tillmann and Barb Peckumn who now own and operate the nursery. We have a tremendous amount of pride knowing that our customer is receiving a very high quality tree.

Dave Tillmann and Barb Peckumn

Dave has also dedicated the majority of his life working in landscaping and growing trees. Ensuring that tree pruning, tree planting and other nursery standards are being met. Barb's background and focus remains in sales and marketing. She enjoys working with landscapers and other professionals in the nursery and green industries.

The attitude of Timberline Trees, LLC has always been a "get your feet muddy" one. We spend a lot of time out on the tree farm and know our trees personally. Our customers have always complimented us for this hands-on approach. And at the end of the day....our boots are usually dirty!

Barb Peckumn Oconto Falls

Barb Peckumn

Barb's into fitness. She's involved in triathlons, running and biking events during summer months. Enjoys skiing, time in the gym and other various endeavors during the winter months.

Dave Tillmann

Dave Tillmann

Dave's an avid hunter and fisherman. He gets involved in fishing tournaments and enjoys boating in summer. Fall and winter you will usually find him in the woods or on the ice.

It's not really about us, it's about you...

Whether you are a landscape contractor, garden center manager, landscape architect or a tree grower, each one you is unique. Just like each tree species is unique.

Our customers seem to always have different and special requests. For instance, is the tree planting project for a municple area where higher branch structure is preferred? Do you have a gardener asking for native grown plants? Is your landscape architect's definition of a Birch Clump 4-stems or is it 2-stems? Your requests will always be met with a timely response to exactly what we have available in our tree farm.

Whatever it is you are looking for, we will listen closely, remember and deliver it with no unexpected surprises. We familiarize ourselves with each order. Getting ourselves out into the tree farm to tag, then deliver the trees that only match your needs. This is just another example of how our dirty boots are to your advantage.

Delivery and pick-ups are always scheduled on your terms. You will never have to worry about your garden center or nursery yard receiving untimely shipments from us. If you will be picking up your own trees, just give us a heads-up when you will be arriving at our nursery and the trees will be ready.

You are busy people and we understand that. You have a lot going on to keep your business running. You will come to know that Timberline Trees, LLC is consistent, reliable and readily available to meet your needs.